An extreme humanitarian crisis on the US border

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Hundreds of people who have crossed the border into the United States have already been deported. The US administration has said that all those waiting will be sent back to Haiti as soon as possible.

Haiti’s political crisis has escalated in recent days following the assassination of the president. In the meantime, a strong earthquake has shaken the country. At the risk of their lives, the country’s poorest people are fleeing to the United States in search of a safe haven. However, the Biden administration refused to accept them. The process of repatriating Haitian asylum seekers has already begun.

The head of the U.S. Border Patrol said at least a few thousand immigrants had already been evacuated from the Del Rio camp. Many have been sent back to their home countries, and many have been imprisoned. He said it would be possible to evacuate another 3,000 people in the next 24 hours. The rest will be sent back within a week.

The economic condition of his country is deplorable. There is the problem of unemployment. Crime has increased. Immigrants who left Haiti at the expense of all their savings in search of a better life are now unable to enter the United States and are worried about their uncertain future. Meanwhile, many are deciding to stay in Mexico without getting asylum in the United States.

“I’m very scared,” said one of the immigrants. Our president was assassinated a few days ago. There is no security in our lives. There is no work in Haiti. Crime has also increased a lot.

Another said, “We have suffered a lot.” I have accepted many sacrifices. I wanted to go to the United States to help our family. No one wants to leave their country and go to another country. I came here only in the hope of a better life.

For the past few years, Haitians have been trying to find refuge in the United States. After the 2010 earthquake, many began to move to the United States. The recent political unrest and the deadly earthquake have again increased the number of immigration hopefuls.





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