Biden called for Palestinian independence at the United Nations

Source: Google

According to Arab News, a Middle East-based news outlet, Biden spoke at the 7th UN General Assembly on Tuesday (September 21st), local time, on a range of issues, including the nuclear deal.

He also spoke about the Palestinian-Israeli issue. In this context, Joe Biden said that the only way to a secure future for Israel is a sovereign and democratic Palestinian state.

“I believe that the return of peace to Israel requires the independence of Palestine,” Biden said. Creating two separate countries may be the most acceptable solution in this case. It will also secure the future of Israel as a Jewish state.

“Even though we are far from this goal at the moment, we should not give up on our progress,” Biden said.

Noting that the United States is also cooperating in combating the coronavirus epidemic, Biden said the United States has unconditionally provided 500 million worth of corona vaccines to countries around the world.

In his speech, Joe Biden also announced a 1 trillion grant to developing countries to help them survive the effects of climate change.

Speaking to world leaders, Biden said the United States is ready to work with any country to find a peaceful solution to the challenges that have arisen, despite differences over several issues.

The country will not be involved in any new cold war. At the same time, Biden hopes that the United States will regain its old place in the role of a global leader.

Biden, who has been widely criticized at home and abroad for returning empty-handed from two decades of the Afghan war, said the United States had entered a new era in its diplomacy with the end of the Afghan war. If necessary, the United States will prepare to use force.



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