Military power is our last refuge: Biden

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He pledged in his first speech to the United Nations on Tuesday (September 15th) after a dispute with allied France over the trilateral Akas agreement.

Joe Biden is working hard to bring America back to world leadership. He reiterated that promise on Tuesday. “I think we must work together — something we’ve never seen before,” he said.

The 7th General Assembly of the United Nations is being held in New York in the context of the epidemic and climate crisis that has divided the world. But emphasizing the need to work together on crises, he said, “our success is deeply rooted in the latter.”

Amid tensions in Sino-US relations, Biden said the United States does not want another Cold War or a divided world. But we must take strong action to protect our interests against the attack.

“Military power is our last resort,” he said, defending the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, due to the trilateral alliance Akas, this time Australia has come under the cannon of the European Union. The alliance has called on Australia to apologize to France for canceling the submarine purchase agreement.

The French foreign minister also demanded a clear explanation from the United States about the submarine deal. However, the British Prime Minister claimed that the UK’s relationship with France is immortal.

France’s growing tensions with the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia over the Indo-Pacific security alliance against China have escalated.

The European Union (EU) has demanded that the Macron government apologize to Australia for signing a new agreement to buy submarines from the United States in 2016, in addition to the agreement reached with France.

The president of the EU Commission has strongly condemned the betrayal of members of his coalition. At the same time, he wanted an explanation for such behavior.

The Akas issue has also gained importance in the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union held on the sidelines of the 7th General Assembly of the United Nations.

They called for cooperative behavior by eliminating fractures and conflicts. On the same day, the Head of Foreign Policy of the European Union met with the Foreign Minister of Australia.

Paris is also angry at the United States for selling submarines to Australia despite an agreement with France. French President Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to meet with US President Joe Biden this week. The French foreign minister said a clear explanation would be sought from the United States.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said it was “very disappointing”. One-sided behavior, barbarism, and disrespect to allies used to happen before. But still many have continued such behavior. We have no objection to the formation of this alliance to deal with China. But at least everyone’s sovereignty should be respected.

France is angry with Australia, the United States as well as the United Kingdom. However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has claimed that the UK’s relationship with France is still intact.



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