The door to the United States is opening after a year and a half

Source: google

Recipients of the full dose of the Covid vaccine will be able to reach the country from next November.

Through this, the citizens of the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Union are going to get the opportunity to travel to the country after 18 months.

In addition to the United Kingdom and European countries, restrictions are being relaxed in Ireland, China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, and India.

Earlier last year, the US government imposed a strict ban on foreign nationals entering the country.

The White House announced the new international travel system on Monday (September 20), local time.

However, the new rules will not apply to travelers crossing the border to the United States by land. This is still the case with passengers from Mexico and Canada.

Meanwhile, U.S. citizens who have not received the full dose of the vaccine will also be able to enter the United States. However, they have to undergo coronary examination 24 hours before admission. In this case, corona vaccination of children was not made compulsory.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson is also happy with the lifting of the travel ban. In a tweet, he said it was an excellent move for business and trade. This time family and friends from both sides can meet again.

The announcement of the new travel policy of the United States has also affected the shares of the airlines.

Before the epidemic, about 4 million British citizens traveled to the United States each year. Following the announcement, shares of IAG, a British Airways-owned company, rose nearly 10 percent.

The United States imposed its first travel ban on China in 2020, imposing travel bans on countries around the world.

In April this year, Joe Biden imposed new sanctions on India. As a result, most Americans are barred from entering the United States. He lifted sanctions on European countries and changed Trump’s plans.



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